NitroFill Tire Service

Authorized NitroFill Nitrogen Tire Inflation

New Orleans Harley-Davidson® is your local Authorized NitroFill tire service dealership. Ensure your bike is running its best by giving it the best parts and service. By replacing the air in your tires with NitroFill, you can increase your tires life by as much as 50% and improve your bike’s fuel economy and overall performance. Experience the benefits of NitroFill for yourself. Schedule your NitroFill Tire Service Today!

We are so confident in NitroFill that we back qualifying NitroFill purchases with a FREE membership to the NitroFill Motor Club, which includes FREE NitoFill top-offs, Wheel Repair, Tire Rewards, 24 Hour Emergency Road Service and MORE. Click the NitroFill Motor Club Logo for more info.

Benefits of NitroFill:

  • Helps Maintain Tire Pressure Longer: Air leaks out of tires 3-4 times faster than Nitrogen. Since nitrogen molecules are bigger, they have a harder time passing through the rubber of a tire. As a result, nitrogen-filled tires maintain their pressure longer.
  • Reduces Catastrophic Blow Outs: The #1 reason for tire blowouts is under-inflated tires. A tire can be as much as 50% under-inflated and appear to be normal. Nitrogen provides a safer alternative by maintaining a more consistent pressure.
  • Improves Fuel Economy: The average vehicle will see a 6% mile per gallon improvement. Tires filled with nitrogen have less rolling resistance because nitrogen loses pressure at a slower rate than air does, resulting in better fuel economy.
  • Provides Consistent Pressure: High temperatures cause the pressure in an air-filled tire to rise. Tires filled with nitrogen maintain a more consistent level of inflation, so they wear out slower.
  • Extends Tire Life: Nitrogen provides proper tire pressure thus giving the car driver or bike rider optimum tire wear. Nitrogen is inert and dry and therefore prevents oxidation of rubber, rims, and valve stems.

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