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2010 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Custom

2010 Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide Custom

The 2010 Dyna Super Glide Custom is essentially the Super Glide with a list of upgrades. One of the upgrades the Custom receives is a custom tank that won't be found on regular Super Glide?s. The Super Glide Custom features mini pull-back handlebars that offer comfort as well as style. The bike also comes with the classic one-piece two-up seat. The Super Glide Custom receives new whisky cup top caps for the rear shocks for 2010. The suspension also comes adjustable. This aspect allows the bike to be set to a specific set up which allows added stability and ease of handling. The Custom receives the same Michelin Scorcher tires as the basic Super Glide.

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A new addition to the Super Glide Custom as well as the basic Super Glide is a brand new six speed transmission with a 5th gear helical cut. The transmission also contains overdrive. A big plus to having a six speed transmission with overdrive is vibration reduction on the highway, meaning less exhaustion and more enjoyable long rides. A six speed also reduces engine wear which means your bike lasts longer. Fuel economy also rises.

A possible upgrade for the Harley Super Glide Custom would be a Baker six speed overdrive transmission. Power from the Baker travels down the mainshaft, across the countershaft, back down the countershaft and to the drive gear. This is certainly a feasible upgrade if a rider has the money. Sticking with the new six speed transmission that comes standard on the Super Glide Custom is sufficient and accurate and it is not absolutely necessary to invest in another performance transmission.

Both the Super Glide and Super Glide Custom now use a clutch that requires 35 percent less amount of squeeze/pressure.The performance on this bike isn't earth shattering; however, it delivers more then enough pickup to offer excitement to the casual or longtime rider. The revs are low and the performance is up to par. Those faithful to the Harley Davidson brand will most likely find this bike to their liking. This bike provides ample power to accomplish almost anything aside from trying to race another rider who happens to be on a sportbike.

The Harley-Davidson Super Glide Custom emits a great exhaust sound and even those who may not be cruiser lovers might somehow be intrigued and decide that they want to buy the Super Glide Custom.

Written on Feb 7, 2011 by Nicholas Ciaccio, Chief Editor

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